Learning Loss Checkup

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What is the Math Checkup?

Here's how it works

Get back the confident, motivated kid you know and love


Your child completes our academic and cognitive assessments.

We use the nation's most trusted and innovative academic assessment along with a neuroscientist-designed cognitive test to give a thorough overview of a student’s current profile.


Their unique knowledge gaps are identified and their personal learning plan is built.

Using 50+ years of learning science, we identify your student’s unique knowledge gaps and the exact adaptive learning plan they need to follow to fill the gaps as quickly as possible.


Your family has a 1-on-1 review of the findings and plan with a gt.school education expert.

Using our proprietary CoachBot platform, your student will know the exact courses, practice problems, and learning materials needed to fill their knowledge gaps and unlock their potential.


What students have to say about the Math Checkup

When covid hit, I was in the middle of Algebra 1. School went out and when I came back the next year, we never really touched back on those months of lessons I missed. Algebra 2, relied on a lot of previous learning and understanding from Algebra 1, which I didn't have, so I had a really hard time coming to terms with a lot of the material. I tried to teach myself the lessons I was missing but I didn’t know where to start. The Checkup really helped me pinpoint exactly what I needed to learn. I was able to catch up fast. I went through all the months of stuff I missed in 8 weeks and actually ended up getting ahead of my class!

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Will B. (student in Texas)

I was trying to learn Algebra 2 at school and was really struggling in math for the first time. I had to take a standardized test in Texas called a CBE. I thought I knew Algebra 1 really well because my teacher gave me an A, but on the test I got a 74%. That’s when my parents got me the Learning Loss Checkup. The gaps that were revealed were eye opening and the learning plan gave me a lot of clarity with what I needed to do. Not only did my Math PSAT go up by over 130 points, but I just retook the same Texas CBE and scored a 98%, which feels great.

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Hope A. (student in Texas)

When we went back to school, I started to get more frustrated with math. It wasn't coming naturally to me anymore. I tried tutors and using apps online, but nothing really helped. I was starting to hate math for the first time. I ending up taking the Learning Loss Checkup and was able to see exactly what was keeping me stuck. I now really enjoy math again and actually got hired to be a math tutor! I’m pretty positive that never would have happened if it wasn't for gt.school finding my gaps and showing me how to fix them at a pace that worked for me.

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Ben R. (student in Ohio)

Exceptional results from our students


80% of students learned 3x faster than they would have in school (20% learned 10x faster)


50% of students filled their knowledge gaps in 8 weeks and are now 1-2 years ahead in math.


96% of students would recommend the Math Checkup to a friend.



What makes us different

Our process is based on the foundational knowledge that the problem isn’t your child; it’s the gaps in their knowledge caused by disrupted learning during the pandemic.

Most assessments simply give a high-level snapshot of your student's achievement level against a generic benchmark. This doesn't pinpoint the specific knowledge that your student needs to master in order to get ahead for their individual situation. It simply tells you that they're behind.

By diagnosing a student’s unique knowledge gaps, we're able to provide targeted solutions backed by 50+ years of learning science and cutting-edge technologyso our students can catch up and accelerate learning 5x-10x faster than they would through school or tutors. This leads to a much happier, successful student who has less stress and more free time to find and focus on other things they love.


Unlock your child's potential with certainty

A 'less is more' approach

“More” learning isn’t the answer. We operate with laser-like precision so your child can spend less time on the ‘right’ things and therefore, get far better results much faster.

No more guessing.

Understand exactly how to help your child. We provide the precise concepts they need to master for their own unique, individual situation.

Move forward with 100% confidence.

100% Money-Back Guarantee. If after seeing your Checkup, you don't feel it will rapidly get your child back on track, we'll give you a full refund - that's how confident we are!


About Us

Why gt.school?

  • Founders of Alpha - a prestigious private school network founded in 2016 in Austin, Texas.  Alpha helps kids love school, learn twice as fast, and master life skills
  • 7+ years of experience in mastery-based learning via a proprietary algorithmic data-driven approach.
  • Experts in deciphering learning assessments with over 2,000 assessments evaluated and supported.
  • We know exactly what it takes to reach the 99th percentile in a way that won't leave students feeling disengaged and burnt out.
  • We've helped regular everyday people who just want to see their kids excel...as well as the kids of Fortune 500 CEOs, A-list actors, Grammy award-winning musicians, bestselling authors, top-ranked podcasters, world-renowned doctors and billionaire entrepreneurs.


Who is the Checkup for?

While the Math Checkup is primarily designed for students in Grades 6-12.

What is the cost of the Math Checkup?

The Math Checkup costs $495 and comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Doesn’t my school measure how my student is doing?

While many schools administer tests, these do not show specific or accurate gaps in learning.  For instance, a test may show an 80 % in math relative to grade level, but it doesn't show the specific knowledge gaps that cause a student to score that 80 %.

Without a proper diagnosis of a student's unique knowledge gaps, they can't address the real root cause of the problem - they can only lessen 'symptoms' of the problem.

In addition, many teachers feel there's no issue if a student's grades are still good. However, many students can temporarily play the 'grade game' well, but still have measurable gaps in academic knowledge.

As knowledge gaps compound over time, students can start to struggle, become unmotivated or disinterested in school. Sometimes the confidence 'knock' that students feel can lead to them developing bad habits and dysfunctional behaviors, so we recommend a targeted approach to helping students get back on track quickly.

What is the ultimate benefit of filling knowledge gaps?

Filling the knowledge gaps in your student’s math stack means not only a much happier, confident student, but objectively higher grades and test scores as well.

This directly translates to:

  • Much better college admissions options and outcomes
  • Significant college scholarship opportunities and merit-based aid
  • Increased confidence in their own math & science abilities
  • Better use of time in the classroom (reinforcing concepts, not learning for the first time)
  • Better use of time at home (spend more time on other subjects if needed, or on extracurricular activities, hobbies, passion projects and sports)

Are you open to students outside the US?

No, at this time we are only open to US students.

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