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8th Grade Online Math Concepts From


When it comes to your child's math classes, offers an individualized and unique online math program for 8th graders that gives them the opportunity to make connections with areas of mathematics that they might not realize are missing from their knowledge.


There are several standards that 8th graders should know by this point of their academic career, such as:

What Students In 8th Grade Math Should Know


Ratios & Rates


Arithmetic with both positive & negative numbers


Finding the perimeter & area of 2D figures


Plotting rational numbers in four different quadrants


Calculating probabilities


Writing numbers in word, standard, expanded, & scientific notation

Many of these concepts would have been learned by the time your child finished 7th grade online math classes.’s MathAssess can pinpoint where the gaps in their knowledge may have taken place if they are struggling with any particular concept.


8th Grade Math Curriculum

The personalized 8th grade MathBuilder program from is designed to help your child lay the foundation for future success in math.

This program will focus on the concepts that your 8th grader may struggle with most, including problem solving and reasoning skills, with an emphasis on understanding and mastering concepts rather than just memorizing facts. This will help them develop their critical thinking skills and prepare them for their 8th grade online math class by helping them make sense of unfamiliar problems and finding patterns in numbers. Your child will then be able to apply their newfound mastery to solving real-world problems as they gain confidence in their abilities.

As a result, your child will be on the path toward achieving these objectives:


Understanding pre-algebra concepts such as variables


Proper order of decimals on the number line


How to use and identify proper intervals through frequency tables


Using ratios and fractions to compare different points of data


Understand how to plot points on a graph through ordered pairs


Know the relationship between fractions, decimals, and percents

Comparison of Math Programs for 8th Grade

  • checkmarkThere are several different ways for your child to learn math. One approach, which is a more traditional method, is to use a textbook or a workbook, which is what most schools tend to use and suggest. Another method is using online videos or programs. While there is nothing inherently wrong with these methods, it’s hard to ignore the clear shortfalls:
    • Textbooks can be expensive and time-consuming because they require the student to go through each section on their own before moving on to the next one (and sometimes even taking notes).
    • Online video courses may not provide enough structure for students who need more guidance in order to understand how they should learn something new.
  • checkmarkWithout a proper assessment to diagnose an individual student’s knowledge gaps, any issues that have arisen, or may arise in the future, cannot address the root cause, only really addressing the symptoms.
  • checkmarkThis isn’t the teacher’s fault. So long as a student’s grade is good, or even decent, many may not even feel there is a problem. Students, then, may learn to only jump through hoops, while their true academic knowledge may be severely impacted, and can compound over time. As a result, they might become unmotivated, disinterested, or even anxious when it comes to their schoolwork.
  • checkmarkAs a result, we have created a way to bridge the gap between these two methods by creating a fun and engaging program that builds on the knowledge they already have, while working to fill the gaps in their knowledge.

Why Choose For Your Child’s Math Success

We don’t offer the same cookie cutter program for each individual child. Our MathBuilder program goes over each concept your child has not yet mastered through our pinpointed MathAssess evaluation. Each student gets what they need on an individual basis, making one student’s program different from the next.

If your child doesn’t have the best relationship with math, the best way to improve is to give an individualized approach to their learning and address them specifically (or if they even want to get ahead and prepare for their high school grade math classes).

With, your child gets the comprehensive and truly personalized math program that gives them the opportunity to make connections with other areas of mathematics, furthers their interest in the subject, and develops their problem-solving skills that will last a lifetime.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is 8th grade math?

8th grade math students are typically preparing for more challenging math concepts they will encounter in high school. They will be building on the principles of algebra and geometry they learned in 6th and 7th grades to calculate more complex formulas.

Is 8th grade math hard?

These math concepts are only as hard as the knowledge retained.’s MathBuilder program can help address any gaps in their knowledge relating to any of the math concepts they may be struggling with at any point in time.

What is advanced math in 8th grade?

These standards may vary from state to state. While some may have students in Algebra I, others may have them in Geometry or more advanced math classes.

What are 8th grade math problems?

We have found that each child is unique with what they may struggle with when it comes to their math classes. Their struggles are as individual as they are. It’s why we don’t offer a cookie-cutter solution to what they may be struggling with.

Why is 8th grade math important?

This is a crucial time to bring students into more advanced concepts that they will be learning in high school. Moving from Pre-Algebra to Algebra I or Algebra I to Geometry can make some students feel overwhelmed. This is the time they will learn how to gain a better relationship with math.

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