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Our program was created for students, by students, with help from some of America's best educators.

We're so confident in the quality of our program that we offer a money-back guarantee for all engaged students. With unlimited 1-to-1 tutoring, the world's best AP learning resources, and a team of world-class Motivational Coaches, we're confident that 100% of our students can achieve a 5.

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Core features of our AP Prep Programs

Unlimited 1-to-1 Tutoring with Academic Experts

Our Academic Experts are a group of America's best educators, available on weeknights and weekends

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Elite progress monitoring: the gt "Check Chart"

Upon joining our program, your student will be issued with a Check Chart, a dynamic tool which actively tracks all of your student's learning activities in our program. Your student will then meet with an Academic Coach to create a custom practice schedule that takes into account their academic background, achievements, and extracurriculars.

Once the Academic Coaches create the 'learning prescription', your student will then meet with a Motivational Coach. Your Motivational Coach will review your student's commitment with your student and motivate them to stay on track, leveraging your student's future goals and dreams in a positive, engaging, and encouraging manner.

We'll also provide you with direct access to your student's Check Chart as well as weekly progress reports via email.

1-to-1 meetings with a Motivational Coach

Our Motivational Coaches are not teachers or tutors, but experts in motivation, effective habits, and personal support.



The world's best AP learning apps


Our team of experts have spent thousands of hours curating the best set of AP resources available for accelerated learning and practice.

MCQ & FRQ Mastery tests that mimic the AP exam


Fun, live group learning sessions


We ensure that our students have mastered every single underlying College Board standard, through a series of targeted mastery tests.

We host live group sessions multiple times a week that allow students to test their knowledge as a group with an Academic Expert. We also offer cash prizes to keep things exciting.

FRQ Grading Service running 24/7/365


*Money-back guarantee is contingent upon a student meeting their practice schedule each week and mastering the program.

Within 24 hours of submission, our team of Academic Experts grade your FRQs exactly how the AP exam would, providing you detailed, embedded feedback in a custom report

Meet the Motivational Coaches Motivational Coaches are not teachers or tutors, but experts in motivation, effective habits, and personal support. For that reason, we look for top-performing athletes and athletic coaches who have overcome obstacles and reached high goals through motivation, deliberate practice and a growth mindset. They know what it takes to push themselves, meet high goals, and have fun along the way. 

Read some of their backgrounds and stories below!

Coach Tristan

Coach Tahlyr

Coach Kate

Coach Andrew

Coach Dylan

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We collect feedback on a weekly basis in an attempt to constantly improve our program. To date, we have had 200 feedback responses, with an average rating of 9/10.

How do your current students rate your program?

Why How do you know your programs work? is a remote, completely online, after-school program that unlocks your student’s full potential. We have proven that students can learn at incredible speed and with expert levels of mastery by fully applying technology-based learning, motivational models, and learning science principles.  Some specific highlights from our recent 8-week, 2022 Summer Math Program (250 students) include:

50% of active students learned at least 1 full, new year of math
 20% of active students learned at least 2 full years of math
 80% of students learned at over 3x the national average rate
 20% of students learned at an amazing 10x or higher compared to the national avg!

80% of students that started between 70-80th national percentile increased an average of 13 percentiles (e.g. moving from 75th to 88th percentile nationally)

Who is the AP prep program good for?

Our program works for both students who are using for their sole source of learning and students who are using for test preparation only.

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How many hours per week does the program require?

AP Biology
 AP Chemistry
 AP Computer Science A
✩ AP United States History
AP World History

What AP subjects does offer?

No student spends the same amount of time in the program each week. Our Academic Coaches create tailor learning plans for your student depending on their familiarity with the subject, their extracurricular activities, and their goals.

In general, students spend between 1 and 8 hours in the program each week.

 AP Calculus AB
 AP Statistics
 AP English Language

How much does the program cost?

Enrollment in our AP Prep Programs costs $100/student/week, regardless of how many of our AP courses you want to enroll in.

We do offer financial aid - to get an application form, please email

Coach Woody

Coach Stephen

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