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When Gifted & Talented students go from bored and ignored to excited and challenged, the impact on their mental health and potential is immeasurable. Start your student's journey today!

Please note - we are currently open to US students, 13-18 years old.


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“I love the freedom and availability to do all of my work and all of my projects with such lovely coaches who care so much about who you are, what your dreams are, and what you want to do with your life.”

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Halston H

“For each of the life skills, we got to do really awesome assignments that taught us these life skills but also showed us how we can apply these lessons to our real life. That’s what I really liked about the assignments, was how personal they were, and how I felt like I wasn’t just understanding a concept but I was learning how I would be able to apply it to my life.”

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Peyton P

“It saved me so much time with the skills I learned while doing it. Even though I was first wary of the time commitment, I don't think I could be doing half of what I am doing right now without it.”

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Ben R

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Frequently Asked Questions

What ages is for?

We are currently focusing on students 13-18 years old, as we find it is a great way for them to start taking ownership of their learning and building some new skills.

We will be opening enrollment for more ages in the next year! Stay tuned for updates with our newsletter.

Is a replacement for regular school (or home school)?

No, provides accelerated afterschool learning and overall development, but is not a replacement for a full academic program (whether traditional school or a home school program).

Why only US students?'s programs include online workshops and personal coaching sessions. We offer these at set times, and our coaches are primarily based in the US. Due to challenges around scheduling and time zones, we are currently only open to US students at this time. We hope to be expanding soon! Please join our newsletter to stay up to date!

Why Gifted & Talented students?

All our programs are geared toward Gifted & Talented students because we believe they are dramatically underserved today.

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