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We are looking for several Beta testers who will take and review our courses for free, while providing thoughtful feedback. This is an incredible opportunity to take advantage of free math training, accelerated learning, fun and engaging courses, and work 1:1 with a personal coach! Start an application today and we will contact you when more positions become available.


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gt.school at a glance

gt.school aims to teach high school students math 3-5 times faster than the traditional model. We prepare them to get A's in math, and score an 800 on the math portion of their SAT. We also empower students to set and meet audacious goals through life skills, coaching and community.
This school year we are looking for Beta testers to take and evaluate our programs, and provide thoughtful feedback.

  • # Flexible schedule you design
  • # Completely virtual & remote
  • # Help build an EdTech start-up

Who Are We?

We Help Students Learn Faster and Build Real-World Skills

gt.school is an online after-school program that empowers Gifted & Talented to challenge themselves and meet their full potential. We are committed to disrupting Gifted education through accelerated learning, community and coaching. Our mission is to help every student them find their passion and reach ambitious goals. We offer individual courses and a monthly program where students:

  • Level up academics with a personalized math curriculum
  • Increase learning speed by 3-5x
  • Build crucial life skills through coaching and courses
  • Work with a 1:1 coach
  • Join our tribe of other curious and ambitious students

We are working to change the future of Gifted education and hope you'll join us!


The Beta Tester Program

Take advantage of this opportunity to improve your math scores, and meet your long-term goals - completely for free! As part of the Beta tester program, we will ask you to:

  • practice math using online apps
  • take and evaluate our classes and programs as we create them (things like workshops in negotiation, time management or setting goals)
  • contribute thoughtful, written feedback and suggestions to us
  • complete aptitude & strengths-finder tests
  • connect with us on weekly coaching calls
  • create your own schedule around your other activities


Who it is for

We are building a program for Gifted & Talented students to help them learn 3-5x faster, gain necessary life skills, and achieve audacious goals. You will help us strengthen our courses with your work this year. We are looking for ambitious and talented middle and high school students.

We want to hear from you if:

  • you are 14-18 years old
  • located in the US
  • and can meet any one of the following criteria:
    • are currently in a Gifted & Talented program at your school
    • can score in the top 10% of a cognitive assessment we provide
    • can score in the top 10% of an academic subject assessment we provide

Become a Beta tester

Improve your math scores ...

Take free courses in negotiation, time management and crucial skills...

And work with our coaching team!

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frequently asked questions

How many hours is it?

The schedule is flexible. We require a minimum of 30 minutes per day for at least five days a week to engage with our curriculum and / or provide feedback. You are limited to hours based on your state laws and regulations.

What is the schedule?

As a fully virtual program, much of gt.school's curriculum is flexible and remote. We will have scheduled meetings at specific times with coaches and our team to collect your feedback, but the rest of the work can be done on your own time.

Are there any in-person meetings?

This is a fully remote position. You will need access to a computer, internet, and webcam to participate.

Are you open to students outside the US?

No, at this time we are only open to US applicants.