Learning Loss Checkup

The average student lost up to 50% of academic progress over the past 2 years.

Get your child back on track with gt.school's Learning Loss Checkup and Personalized Learning Plan

Students are drastically behind

School disruptions have wreaked havoc on students' learning

20-50% lost learning in math

Two years of school closures, remote learning, and Zoom school have had a devastating effect on students' learning. A study by Harvard and NWEA found that on average, students lost 20-50% worth of a typical school year’s learning in math from 2020-2021 (1).

4 months behind in reading

Students in 2021 were scoring far lower in math and reading compared with matched students in previous years. A McKinsey study found that on average were about 5 months behind in math, and 4 months behind in reading (2). In other words, students have missed over half a school year of crucial learning.

$17 Trillion of lost lifetime earnings

If learning losses are not addressed, the gaps in knowledge and academic performance compound over time, leaving students at a perilous disadvantage when entering college and the job market. The long-term effects are huge: students in this generation could lose up to $17 Trillion in lifetime earnings according to studies by the World Bank (3, 4).


Emotional Impact

Learning setbacks have left students less motivated than ever

When students struggle academically they begin to feel less motivated and disengaged. As schools return to in-person learning, teachers and counselors report unprecedented levels of stress and frustration in school (5). Many parents report greater issues with time management, and poor study habits -- habits that can become ingrained if left unaddressed.


Learning Loss Checkup

Empower your child to unleash their full potential

gt.school's Learning Loss Checkup empowers your child not only to get back on track, but to accelerate learning and get ahead. Through objective, neuroscience-based assessments, you will:

  • get a detailed, comprehensive and objective understanding of your child's current academic level
  • quantify their learning loss against a national standard
  • pinpoint current knowledge gaps and specific areas that are holding your child back
  • understand their unique learning style and strengths and weaknesses

After the assessments, each student receives a personalized learning plan designed for their individual situation and learning style. Your learning plan includes specific strategies and action items to rapidly recover lost learning and target the 99th percentile in all subject areas.


Step 1

Assess learning loss & pinpoint knowledge gaps

Similar to getting a CAT scan for your health, the Learning Loss Checkup uses proven, objective, evaluations to give a complete picture of a student’s current level and knowledge gaps. The Checkup combines multiple nationally-recognized academic assessments in addition to cognitive and strength-finding assessments. Together, the assessments provide key learnings into a student's strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in knowledge and learning style.


Step 2

Review findings & recommendations with our education experts

Knowing the knowledge gaps is an important start, but alone it doesn’t solve the problem.  We use the findings from your Learning Loss Checkup to create a personalized recovery plan for your student.  This detailed, actionable program allows your student to fix the gaps and more - after school and online - while actually giving them back more free time to find and focus on the things they love.


Step 3

Get back on track & on target to unleash your full potential

Students who take the Checkup and implement targeted learning strategies see a dramatic improvement in academic progress and test scores, often testing at the 99th percentile within 1 year. This opens up the door to higher SAT scores, college scholarships, and national merit potential. In addition to academic enhancement, students feel inspired again, reporting a sense of empowerment that they are now taking ownership of their lives.  They get far more done in far less time, leading to not only better grades but better sleep, improved motivation and less stress.

Don't Take it From Us

"Brayden had essentially missed half of 8th grade due to online school and never made it up. He was getting the first Cs and Ds of his life. His new learning plan set specific goals, and he’s now catching up so quickly. National Merit Scholar is actually within actual reach now, but he wouldn’t have gotten there on his own. Thank you!”

-Ken T., Parent

“I didn’t realize how many “holes” Hope had in math, or how much they mattered. She had an A in math, but her Learning Loss Checkup showed all kinds of gaps. She started studying for just those gaps with 30 minutes a day for the last 3 months and did a specific SAT prep. Her SAT Math score already went up 100 points”
- Daniel K., Parent

“I was trying to learn Algebra 2 at school and was really struggling in math for the first time.  At the same time, my parents were thinking about switching schools, so I had to take a standardized test in Texas called a CBE.  I thought I knew Algebra 1 really well because my teacher gave me an A, but on the test I got a 68%.  That’s when my parents got me the Learning Loss Checkup.  The gaps that were revealed were eye opening and led to me starting the gt.school program. I learned how to learn at my own pace using apps, a gt.school coach helped me develop study habits based on the habits athletes use to train, and I had to get used to taking much harder tests.  But I just retook the same Texas CBE and scored a 98%, which feels great!”
- Maddie P., High School Student

How it Works

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-- Empower your child to take control of their learning

-- Get an accurate, comprehensive understanding of where your child stands and what is holding them back

-- Get back on track and begin testing at the 99th percentile


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frequently asked questions

Who is the Checkup for?

The Learning Loss Checkup is available for US students ages 8-18. Within these ages, the Checkup is designed for all students, regardless of current academic performance, to help them regain lost learning and dramatically accelerate academic progress.

How much does it cost?

The Learning Loss Checkup is $495 for the comprehensive assessment, personalized learning plan and individual consultation with one of our education experts.

Why should I assess my student for learning loss?

Often parents sense their child is struggling academically but cannot pinpoint why. Before you have a medical treatment, a doctor always starts with a diagnostic to understand the problem. Similarly, before you try to address academic challenges, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of what the problems really are: whether struggles arise because of a specific academic concept, learning style, or gap in knowledge. A detailed and comprehensive view of where your child stands enables you to make data-informed decisions about how to help. Ultimately, this empowers you to help your child excel academically with the least time, energy and stress for you and your child.

Time is of the essence when it comes to trying to recover lost learning. When students start to fall behind in school, the gaps in learning compound over time: the class moves on, your child is stuck, and gaps in knowledge grow. More importantly, this often leads to  students' becoming increasingly demotivated or completely 'checking out.'

Getting your child back on track, early, can save enormous time and energy later on. It can also lead to profound improvements in how students feel about school and learning.

Doesn't my school measure how my child is doing?

While many schools administer tests, these do not show specific or accurate gaps in learning.  For instance, a test may show a 80% in math relative to grade level, but it doesn't show the specific learning gaps that cause a student to score that 80%. Without an understanding of what a student is missing, they can't address issues and catch up... or build the strong foundation needed to learn more advanced concepts later down the road.

Secondly, many students can play the 'grade game' well, but still have measurable gaps in academic knowledge.  If the losses continue to compound over time, as they encounter more challenging subjects, students begin to struggle. As a result, students can become demotivated or disinterested in school, and can develop a number of bad habits and dysfunctional behaviors.

Are you open to students outside the US?

No, at this time we are only open to US students.

What are the outcomes of the Checkup?

After completing the Learning Loss Checkup, you'll have:

  • A detailed and comprehensive understanding of where your child is struggling academically, and what is holding them back
  • A complete understanding of how they learn best from a nationally-recognized cognitive skills assessment
  • A detailed action plan to not only recover lost learning, but also know how to unlock their full potential and start testing at the 99th percentile in all academic subjects