Life Skills Challenge

A 2-week interactive course designed to enable Gifted & Talented students to achieve their full potential.

6 Skills-based workshops  |  1:1 Coaching  |  Personal Exercises

Open to US students, 13-18 years old

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Empowering students with real-world skills for success

gt.school's Life Skills Challenge is an exciting 2-week program for Gifted & Talented students to develop crucial life skills such as taking ownership of their learning and goals, learning how to learn, and developing effective study and time management habits.

The program includes 6 interactive skills workshops, personal exercises, and a 1:1 coaching session with one of our all-star coaches.

The Life Skills Challenge is currently full until Fall 2022. Sign up to be the notified as we open future cohorts!

At a glance

A 2-week online interactive program

This is NOT your average online course, but high-engagement, interactive learning experience! The Life Skills Challenge is based around 6 skill-based workshops with our all-star coaches where students engage in challenges, games and scavenger hunts to make skills-development a wildly fun and engaging learning experience.

  • # 2 weeks (5 hours per week)
  • # 5 crucial skills for a growth mindset
  • # US students, 13-18 years old


Empowering students to be the best they can be

gt.school coaches are not teachers or tutors, but experts in motivation, effective habits, and personal support. For that reason, we look for top-performing athletes and athletic coaches who have overcome obstacles and reached high goals through motivation, deliberate practice and a growth mindset. They know what it takes to push themselves, meet high goals, and have fun along the way.

Skills Overview

Find your why

The first skill we cover is Taking Ownership. Through workshops and personal exercises help students dig deep to identify areas they are truly passionate or excited to learn about – to find their why. Students can reach amazing accomplishments when they know what motivates and inspires them, and when they begin to take ownership of their goals and learning path.

Aim high

Our second skill covers Ambitious Goals. Building on students' passions and interests, we then guide them in goal setting. We believe too often, students are encouraged to shoot low. We are strong believers in the transformative power of big goals, and we teach students our framework for evaluating and stretching goals to the point of inspiration and excitement. We conclude goal setting with an exercise focused on identifying the thoughts and ideas that will best motivate them through the work that's required to reach those goals (their X-factors).

Forge your own path

Our third skill is Learning how to Learn. There are limitless opportunities to learn in today’s world, and students don’t have to be restricted by the school calendar to  learn new things. In this workshop, we teach students how to learn new skills and subjects using the plentiful resources available to them. Students develop a learning plan for a topic or subject they are passionate about, whether that is learning and mastering biology, bitcoin, or ballet. Students learn that their learning is entirely in their hands, and not up to any school calendar.

Become an expert

How did Serena Williams, Meryl Streep, or Bill Gates become the greatest in their field? They understood how to most effectively advance their learning. Mastery learning is one of the most critical and yet misunderstood concepts in education. It emphasizes mastering basics before moving on to subsequent skills or steps. In this workshop, we help students understand effective learning techniques and a mastery mindset so they can achieve their highest potential in any field, whether academics, sports, hobbies or other passions.

Create winning habits

In this workshop, we teach students the importance of daily practice and healthy habits. Students discuss common reasons for low-quality work such as “studying” while watching TV, using their phone, or socializing. In the process, they often realize just how much their bad study habits are holding them back or making incredibly inefficient use of their precious time. In this life skill, we teach kids to break down their view of “Work” into 3 aspects: doing Enough Work, doing Consistent Work, and doing Deliberate Work. By honing effective study and time management habits, students learn they don’t have to be ruled by overwhelming schedules, but can get more of their time back for things they love.

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What our Students Say

I was feeling like I was falling behind even though my grades didn't show it yet. After the Learning Loss Checkup made things very clear for me, I wanted to see how fast I could go. In less then 3 months, I was back on track and actually mastered 6 additional advanced math courses. They measured my learning speed and I was learning this material 14x faster than I was in traditional school! Needless to say, I have a lot less stress and much more time to do other things now instead of worrying about schoolwork.

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Sathirtha H. (student in New York)

When we went back to school, I started to get more frustrated with math. It wasn't coming naturally to me anymore. I tried tutors and using apps online, but nothing really helped. I was starting to hate math for the first time. I ending up taking the Learning Loss Checkup and was able to see exactly what was keeping me stuck. I now really enjoy math again and actually got hired to be a math tutor! I’m pretty positive that never would have happened if it wasn't for gt.school finding my gaps and showing me how to fix them at a pace that worked for me.

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Ben R. (student in Ohio)

“I’ve learned a lot from it actually. Before I did this I didn’t know any goals I had, but now I have more of an idea. I knew I always wanted to go to culinary school, and if I put that into action it would be really cool. Designing my week that was also helpful because I am actually a mess and that was helpful because I was just scheduling things out.”

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Join the Community

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During the Life Skills Challenge (and after if students continue at gt.school), kids connect and engage around topics like chess, baking, entrepreneurship, Minecraft, etc. in our Discord community. With weekly events led by our coaches, students learn from and inspire each other, and find a tribe as unique and creative as them.


Monthly Program

Build Life Skills Year-Round

After the Life Skills Challenge, students have the option to join gt.school's monthly program where they can:

  • Build crucial life skills through coaching and courses
  • Work with a 1:1 coach
  • Level up academics with a personalized math curriculum
  • Join weekly events and our community

gt.school is a monthly program that continues year-round, even in the summer! There is no obligation to join after the Life Skills Challenge, and there's no upfront commitment. If you'd like to learn more, please join one of our upcoming info sessions!

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frequently asked questions


How much does it cost?

Until now, the Life Skills Challenge has been completely free! We offered our first cohorts free of charge as we established and improved the program. Cost may be subject to change. Sign up today to get important program updates, or join an upcoming info session to learn more.

Is this program online?

Yes! We are an online after school program, so students may join from anywhere.

Who is eligibile?

US students, 13-18 years old are eligible to join the Life Skills Challenge.

What is the format of the workshops?

Workshops are interactive sessions with our coaching team and other students. Workshops are 1 hour on Zoom. Note - these are not passive lectures! Students engage in group activities, games and challenges, and can win prizes during the sessions to make these incredibly engaging learning opportunities.

What times are the workshops?

Our workshops are held on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for 1 hour on Zoom. During the school year, workshops are held in the afternoon / evening (US time). We offer multiple session times -- often 4 pm CST and 8 pm CST -- to enable students to join a workshop that works for their schedules. Times may vary by cohort.

What is the time commitment?

We expect students to spend 5-6 hours per week for the 2 weeks of the program, for a total of 10-12 hours. This includes our workshops, some pre-reading and personal exercises.

What comes after the Challenge?

Students and parents have the option to continue into gt.school's monthly program which includes additional life skills development through workshops and coaching; 1:1 coaching (students have the option to choose a coach they would like to work with); and our accelerated math curriculum. There is no obligation to continue. If you'd like to learn more, please join one of our upcoming information sessions to connect!

Are you open to students outside the US?

No, at this time, we are only open to US students.