Does Math Make Your Child Anxious?’s MathBuilder™ can pinpoint EXACTLY where your child’s knowledge gaps are and how to get back on track, boosting their confidence and unlocking their potential!

What Is MathBuilder™?

Unlock Your Child’s Potential With Clarity

Don’t know where to start?

With MathBuilder™, they are given precise concepts to master in their own, unique, situation.

Unsure what is missing?

MathBuilder™ operates with ninja-like focus so your child can spend less time on things they have already mastered and more on filling those gaps in their knowledge.

Will this work?

We are 100% confident that MathBuilder™ will get your child back on track. If you see the report and feel that it won’t, we will give you a full refund.

Who Is MathBuilder™ For?


Students That Are Struggling


Students That Want To Get Ahead


Students Preparing For Exams

Here's How It Works

Step 1:

Your child completes our academic and cognitive assessments.

Step 2:

Their unique knowledge gaps are identified and their personal learning plan is built.

Step 3:

Your family has a 1-on-1 review of the findings and plan with a education expert.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Here’s what some of our students had to say about MathBuilder™

So at first, I was confused, they started me with 5th grade math and I was like ‘I already know this!’ But there were these simple errors that kept repeating for me and GT was able to specifically identify the concepts I struggled with. Unlike an SAT prep course, we weren’t just moving through material, this was targeted specifically to me.

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Most of your problems in math come from small misunderstandings that happened a long time ago, but compound immensely over time, and if you figure out what those problems are and you fix them you realize your math ability soars, GT can help you fix that. They have the resources and the people to really help you.

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Even for students who think they’re good at math, the diagnostic tests, they really show all your weaknesses. I was surprised how bad I was in the beginning. I got, like a 70, for 6th grade and that’s really embarrassing, but then I mastered it, and built up to calculus. They gave you a very detailed report for every grade level. And that totally helped me.

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What Makes Us Different?


What Do Other Students Have To Say About MathBuilder™?

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Get Your Child Back On Track To Face Whatever Comes Their Way’s MathBuilder™ program includes the MathAssess™ report that details where your child is through an in-depth assessment of their current math knowledge, PLUS:

  • Detailed learning projections.
  • Personalized learning plans designed to increase their math grade & test scores.
  • Personal meeting between the parent and
  • 100% money-back guarantee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is MathBuilderTM for?

MathBuilder™ is for students between grades 6 to 12 who are struggling in the current math class and/or math tests, would like to better prepare for high school or college, or want to increase the likelihood of getting a higher score in the math sections of the SAT or ACT.

How much does MathBuilderTM cost?

MathBuilderTM is available for a total of $495. If you have already purchased MathAssessTM, you will only need to pay an additional $448.

Doesn’t my child’s school have the resources to fill knowledge gaps?

Many teachers may not feel there is an issue so long as a grade is good or decent. While many students jump through the hoops of the “grade game”, their true academic knowledge level may be significantly impacted.

These knowledge gaps can compound over time, and these same students may start to struggle where they didn’t before. As a result, they may become unmotivated, disinterested, or even anxious when it comes to their schoolwork.

What is beneficial about filling knowledge gaps?

Filling the knowledge gaps in your child’s math skills can result in a happier and more confident seeker of knowledge and can lead to objectively higher grades and test scores overall.

Is MathBuilderTM available outside the United States?

No. At this time, MathBuilderTM is only available to students in the United States.

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