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Negotiation 101: How to Win an Argument with Your Parents

Learn how to get what you want in a negotiation by applying these 2 powerful tactics used by FBI hostage negotiators and CEOs

Would you like to get more of what you want from parents, teachers, friends, or a future employer?  The gt.school negotiation series is about as close to learning "Jedi Mind Tricks" as you’re going to find in the real world.

This introductory clinic will teach you two of the most effective ways to handle any negotiation.  Most adults only learn these skills in business school, when purchasing a house, or well into their professional career ... You get to learn them as a teenager.

Negotiation 101 has two 1-hour workshops on Tuesday & Thursday. Both sessions are at 5pm PST/ 7pm CST/ 8pm EST


Become an expert negotiator

This introductory clinic will be taught over two online sessions, on a Tuesday & Thursday evening, and will teach you two of the most effective ways to handle any negotiation. Open to students 14-18 years old, and free until July 2022!

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Free Until July 2022!

Which clinic will you attend? Our next two cohorts start:
- May 31st and June 2nd on Zoom at 7 PM Central / 8 PM Eastern
- June 7th and June 9th on Zoom at 7PM Central / 8 PM Eastern

  • # Two 1-hour workshops
  • # Open to students 14-18
  • # Completely Virtual

What you will learn

Negotiation 101

In Negotiation 101 you will learn as a group and do fun, hands-on activities to practice the two fundamental skills of negotiation: Active Understanding & the Win-Win Mindset

  • Active Understanding - If you want to be a better negotiator, you first  need to convince “the other side” that you really do understand their view and what is important to them.  Through role-play exercises, you will learn how to do this using active listening, labeling, and mirroring.
  • Win-Win Mindset - Outside of the movies, the way you make progress in a negotiation is by leveraging your superior understanding of the issues into a creative, win-win solution for both sides.  You get what you want, but it doesn’t mean the other side “loses”.  Using examples and live breakouts you will see this skill in action.