MacKenzie has been a leader in educational innovation for decades. As the mother of two Gifted & Talented students, she has pushed the boundaries of education so much that her daughters joke that they are guinea pigs. MacKenzie saw first-hand the Gifted & Talented program provided in one of the top public school districts in the country – how it helped and how it fell short. She was instrumental in setting up three of the most innovative schools in Austin, including an Acton Academy affiliate, Emergent Academy and Alpha.

Even before MacKenzie had kids, she was involved in projects that encouraged online apps for learning and she participated in large-scale research programs led by Harvard University that focused on motivating students in some of the largest school districts in the country. A Stanford grad, MacKenzie has also taken advantage of her experience serving with the Stanford Admissions Team to interview applicants over the past 13 years and getting to know what makes a student an excellent fit for a top university.

MacKenzie is passionate about fulfilling the need for an adaptive, robust program and supportive community that helps Gifted & Talented kids reach their full potential. She has leveraged her experience and the resources available in the Austin community, which has become an important center for educational innovation, to build

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