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What does it take to be a coaches are not math teachers or tutors, but experts in motivation, effective habits, and personal support. For that reason, we look for top-performing athletes and athletic coaches who have overcome obstacles and reached high goals through motivation, deliberate practice and a growth mindset. They know what it takes to push themselves, meet high goals, and have fun along the way. You can get to know some of their backgrounds and stories below!


Coaching Program

What do coaches do?

Each gt.student is paired with a personal coach, and they meet 1-2 hours per week. Specifically, coaches help students:

  • Click in to their passions - what truly inspires them - and identify their goals, both academic and non-academic
  • Develop plans for meeting those goals, whether that is acing their next test, making varsity volleyball, or working at NASA one day
  • Develop the right habits and life skills (like good study habits and time management) to accomplish those goals, and get back more time to do what students truly love

They also provide daily encouragement and support for whatever students are going through, both in and out of


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