The Program

An online afterschool program unabashedly designed for Gifted & Talented students


How It Works

Accelerating & supporting advanced students

Adaptive learning’s learning apps dynamically adapt to the students' level, allowing advanced students to dramatically accelerate. Here, there are no limits to learning - just potential. We combine apps with our mastery-based learning approach, enabling to achieve 3-5x faster learning than traditional school. Learn more.

1:1 Coaching

Bright kids are naturally equipped to excel. Yet, many Gifted & Talented students struggle to maintain the right work habits and motivation to reach high goals. They don’t need a math tutor, they need a life skills tutor. Our team of world-class motivational coaches helps students set high goals, and build the foundational work habits to achieve them.

A supportive community

Students truly excel when they are supported. In traditional schools, many gifted students feel isolated by their intelligence. At, they find their tribe. take pride in their skills, and leverage a community that supports and encourages them every step of the way.

Student Testimonials

Don't take it from us

“I love the freedom and availability to do all of my work and all of my projects with such lovely coaches who care so much about who you are, what your dreams are, and what you want to do with your life.”

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Halston H

“For each of the life skills, we got to do really awesome assignments that taught us these life skills but also showed us how we can apply these lessons to our real life. That’s what I really liked about the assignments, was how personal they were, and how I felt like I wasn’t just understanding a concept but I was learning how I would be able to apply it to my life.”

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Peyton P

"I felt that my potential was being wasted in school and I wanted it to become even more advanced and hone my talents. So I decided to join and I just finished their bootcamp. And now I'm doing so much more: daily practice habits, setting ambitious goals, taking ownership and more."

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Setting a foundation for success

At, we don't only teach kids what to learn, but how to be successful far beyond academics.’s 5 core life skills impart the habits and growth mindset that build a foundation for incredible potential.


Taking ownership

One of the most powerful concepts at is ownership. set their own goals, and define the path to achieve them. They do things for themselves, not for others. They own their success. They are the masters of their future.


Learning how to learn

In traditional school, students are dependent on a teacher to set the pace and advance. At, students are in charge of their learning and growth. learn how to use available resources to get over obstacles when stuck. know that they are not dependent on external factors for their success; they have the agency and ability to achieve anything they want.


Ambitious Goals

We believe in the transformative power of ambitious goals. When you set a high goal and you achieve it, there is nothing like it in the world. You redefined your limits. And if you miss a high goal, you are still proud of the achievement. Low goals, in contrast, do little to inspire or transform. At, we create a supportive environment where students aren't afraid to set high goals and push their boundaries.



Daily Practice

Achieving high goals starts with the right habits. learn how to study effectively. At a minimum, spend 30 minutes per day on accelerated learning. They are able to advance with these short bursts because we focus on developing the right type of studying - focused, deliberate and consistent study habits. Just like in sports when you hone a skill, hone academic skills by focusing on challenging problems and deliberately tackling them.


Mastery Mindset

Mastery is one of the most important concepts in education. There is plenty of research that shows how mastery-based learning accelerates learning. At we apply the concept of mastery more broadly, teaching kids how to have agency over their learning. They learn the impact of becoming truly adept at a skill, solid in a concept, or expert in an endeavor. No one wants to work with someone who does just OK work; they want to work with someone who does expert-level work. grow to become those experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do kids do at students:

  • dramatically accelerate their learning through a personalized, adaptive learning curriculum
  • target ambitious goals and overcome personal challenges with 1:1 coaching from our world-class coaches
  • learn long-term habits and skills for success
  • connect and socialize with other kids in the

Is a replacement for regular school?

No. is an online afterschool program that accelerates students’ learning, but is not a replacement for a full academic program.

How much time does require?

We require a minimum of 30 minutes per day (M-F) on core academics. 30 minutes per day of consistent, deliberate practice enables students to progress at a much faster rate than standard school and develop key life skills at the same time.

While half hour per day is the required minimum, we have a large percentage of who voluntarily devote more time to the program.

What subjects do you cover?

Currently, our programming focuses on math, as it is the #1 requested subject by parents. We will be adding science, language arts, and reading soon. We will also be adding SAT prep for high school students. 

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