We created gt.school for one simple reason – to help your child unlock their potential.

GT (gifted and talented) kids have enormous potential, but their potential often remains trapped and untapped because of the current misguided educational system. In the current system, GT kids are not challenged, empowered or engaged. This often leads to boredom and a dislike of school, or worse, the development of bad habits and dysfunctional behaviors. And for those GT kids who believe they are thriving in standard school, we will show them what thriving really means.

There are many facets to your child’s potential. gt.school is a Gifted and Talented program that is focused on three ways to unleash your child’s natural capability: unlocking academic achievement, learning/living critical life skills, and doing so while developing relationships within a community of other gt kids.

GT kids have enormous academic potential that is stifled by standard school. Standard school has to keep kids in grade levels and progress at the pace of the median student or slower. Standard Gifted & Talented programs often only allow a 1-grade increase. That is far below the potential of GT students.

gt.school will show your child how to learn 3-5x faster than what they accomplish at their current school. And it is not just learning faster, we show our students how to break out and access all of the content of a subject, years ahead of when their standard class would trickle it out to them.

Learning 3-5x faster is a bold claim. How do we do it? We use adaptive software that we wrap with a set of motivational models that, when combined with the life skills we teach, allow students to learn at their own pace, not their schools. We find that 3-5x is a good estimate for 80% of gt.kids.

GT kids naturally excel at academic challenges. But life is more than academics and we teach a core set of life skills to our students. These life skills not only help with their academic performance, they more importantly lay the groundwork for success in any area of life.

We believe there are 5 foundational life skills that GT kids need to learn in order to excel: taking ownership of their education, learning to learn, mastery mindset, ambitious goal setting and daily practice. When your child joins gt.school, they will go through a short “bootcamp” that introduces them to the 5 life skills. During their time in the program, your child will work with a team of coaches who will instill these high value life skills.

The final area that helps unlock your child’s potential is developing their tribe. Frequently, GT kids feel isolated and don’t have a great group of friends that they can relate to.  Nothing liberates a child more than the feeling of belonging. By its nature, gt.school is home to the largest community of GT kids in the country. We actively work to create events for our students to meet others with similar interests. These interest groups span both academic interests like math, chess and writing as well as fun activities like gaming, music and entertainment. At gt.school, students form friendships with like-minded peers that impact them for the rest of their lives. Many parents believe the community of gt.school is its most valuable feature.

GT kids have the innate ability to make a dent in the universe. Unfortunately for them, the current system is not optimized for them. gt.school is determined to change that. GT kids need a Gifted and Talented program that will inspire them to set outlandish goals and then develop them and train them so they can achieve more than they dreamed possible. That is why we started gt.school – to help GT kids unlock their full potential.


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