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Have you noticed your child struggling with math?

gt.school’s MathAssess is designed to find the gaps in your child’s knowledge

✔︎ For all students between grades 6-12

✔︎ Get an in-depth assessment covering each math subject

✔︎ See how well your child understands specific concepts

Help your child unlock their full potential and master math once again!

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Life Skills

We believe that it’s important that students not only understand what to learn, but how to learn. We provide 5 core life skills to show everyone we help how to be successful even outside of school.

Accelerated Learning

MathAssess and MathBuilder enables students to learn 3-5 times faster than through traditional schools or tutors through adaptive learning and a mastery-based approach.

Building A Community

gt.school is more than online math classes for kids. We are a community, built on the friendships forged through celebrating their natural talent.

The Problem

Traditional Schools Don’t
Have Adequate Resources

The current educational system focuses more on students who typically have lower grade percentages than those who may not appear to be struggling and have learned to play the “grade game”. gt.school empowers students from grades 6-12 to take ownership of their learning and supercharge their academic achievement.

Kids Are Not Challenged

In most schools, students only progress at the rate of the lowest common denominator. Most online math classes for kids, especially those designed for gifted and talented students, often only provide a 1-grade increase, leaving most students bored and unchallenged academically.

Poor Habits Develop

If students are bored with their classes due to being unchallenged, they can often dislike school and even develop bad habits and other poor behaviors. Many smart, gifted, and talented students learn to play the “grade game” without much work, leading them to flying under the radar of most schools and teachers, which leads to disregarding crucial habits. Habits like incremental study and daily practice are often replaced with late-night cramming before a test and immediately forgetting what they learned after. MathBuilder with MathAssess challenges them and helps them develop, or even relearn those important habits that helps them throughout their lives.

The Monthly Program

An online afterschool program designed to challenge & accelerate

gt.school is a remote (completely online) afterschool program that unlocks your student’s full potential.

Adaptive Learning

gt.school’s adaptive learning apps are like having a 1:1 tutor in every subject. They dynamically adapt based on the student's knowledge, accelerating material when students understand, or filling in gaps left by standard school. We combine apps with our mastery learning approach, which ensures that students don’t just pass a single test, but master the subject and build the foundation for achievement.

1:1 Coaching

Bright kids are naturally equipped to excel. Yet many GT students struggle to achieve and maintain the right work habits to reach high goals. They don’t need a math tutor, they need a life skills tutor. Our team of world-class motivational coaches helps students set high goals, and build the foundational work habits to achieve them.

GT Community

In traditional schools, many gifted students feel isolated by their intelligence, but at gt.school they take pride in their skills and find their tribe. Here, students form friendships and find a supportive community that celebrates their talents. The gt.community is a group of some of the brightest, most capable and ambitious students in the country.

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Meet The Coaches

The Athletic Ethos Meets Academics

Our team of world-class coaches support, motivate and inspire gt.school students to be the best version of themselves. They are not teachers; they are the world’s best experts in motivation and cultivating the habits and mindset for success.


The Science

Mastery-Based Learning

Core to our approach is mastery learning. Instead of the time-based model of traditional school (where all students advance even if there are huge gaps in knowledge), mastery learning requires students to truly understand the material before moving on. Mastery learning can profoundly improve performance, increasing test scores one standard deviation better than traditional schools! At gt.school we combine mastery learning with our adaptive learning apps to vastly accelerate learning.


The Science

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning apps are like having the best, objective 1:1 tutor for every subject. Rather than a teacher teaching to most students or the average, adaptive algorithms tailor the content and level of challenge to the student: they know exactly where the student is struggling and can focus content and problems on that area. Adaptive learning is not new -- it is used in many learning apps. However, gt.school's unique approach allows gt.kids to dramatically accelerate learning and gain an incredible advantage.


The Science

The Testing Effect

The Testing Effect is a very well-known strategy that asks the learner to recall what they have just learned with short quizzes or tests. Numerous studies have shown that the dramatic impact the Testing Effect has on learning and improved test scores. While a clear advantage for students, the Testing Effect is hard to implement in traditional schools (as teachers need to grade). At gt.school, adaptive learning apps can apply the Testing Effect to reinforce and accelerate learning.


The Science

Spaced Repetition

Spaced Repetition is another well-known strategy similar to the Testing Effect. It is usually performed with flashcards. Newly introduced and more difficult flashcards are shown more frequently, while older and less difficult flashcards are shown less frequently. Numerous studies show the use of spaced repetition increases the rate of learning.


The Science

Rapid Feedback

When top-tier athletes train for a sport, they hone a single skill and get immediate feedback from a coach (or just seeing the result). Adaptive learning apps apply this practice to academics. Students immediately know whether a problem is right or wrong, and whether they have mastered a specific concept. That way, students can learn as they go, making improvements immediately. While challenging to implement in the traditional classroom, learning apps easily enable rapid feedback to accelerate learning.

The Program



Unlock Potential Today

  • For all students grades 6-12
  • In-depth assessment covering each math subject
  • Parent is shown how well their student understands specific concepts



Unlock Potential Today

  • Everything included in MathAssess
  • Personal meeting between parent and gt.school
  • Detailed learning projections
  • Customized learning plan to increase math grades and test scores
  • Hours of fun and engaging content to promote math mastery
  • 100% money-back guarantee

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