Rigor Redefined,
Genius Unleashed.

Rigor Redefined,
Genius Unleashed.


Our Beliefs

Crushing Academics
Is Awesome

We believe that kids do not need 12 years to finish school, they can accomplish so much more if given the environment and resources to do so

Smart Kids
Need Smart Habits

Smart kids deserved to be challenged and allowed to build habits that help them learn in their own way

It’s Not All 

About STEM

We are not a STEM school. Our program is much more than just Sciences and Maths

Gifted Students Need Independence

The role of our guides is to motivate and support, not direct

Being Smart
Is Just The Start

Success involves more than just grades – we create students that are academically successful and well-rounded


Is Healthy

Academic competition prepares kids for real-world competition

At gt.school in Georgetown, Texas, we blend rigorous core education with advanced intellectual pursuits to unlock the potential of gifted and talented K-8 minds.

Mornings are dedicated to mastering fundamental core subjects, laying the groundwork for exponential growth. Afternoons shift to challenging academic explorations and developing life skills, preparing our students for limitless success.

We’re not just a school; 
We’re inspiring tomorrow’s leaders to think, create, and excel beyond boundaries.

The GT Framework

Our 3 Commitments

Love School

Individual and adaptive learning plans ensure that students are able to experience a limitless learning environment and truly love school.

Learn 2x

Our revolutionary 2hr Learning model uses AI Tutors and adaptive learning apps in place of academic teachers and allows students to learn 2x in just 2hrs.

Create Champions

Students spend freed-up afternoons diving deeper into areas of academic interest and learning skills that allow them to excel in both academics and life.

Core Essentials, Academic Adventures

Uniquely designed for students with extraordinary potential, our groundbreaking 2hr Learning program ensures the morning completion of core academics, liberating afternoons for intensive training in advanced academics. This methodology cultivates an environment that matches their capabilities, helping them reach new academic heights while equipping them for a successful life beyond school.

A Day at GT School


2-Hour Accelerated Mastery

Students complete subjects in just 2 hours daily. This well-organized schedule allows for mastery and growth, with students grasping material 2-6x faster.


Advanced Academics

With 4 additional hours freed up a day, students are able to dive deeper into advanced academics and develop life skills.

Guiding Brilliance, No Teachers Required

Guiding Brilliance, No Teachers Required

At GT School we’ve revolutionized the classroom by replacing traditional teachers with dedicated guides who serve as mentors, providing both motivational and emotional support and invaluable insights garnered from their esteemed positions in academia and industry. This innovative approach empowers students to excel intellectually under the guidance of these respected leaders, preparing them for success in both academia and the professional world.

Above the Rest

Standard School

GT School

Setting the Pace

Traditional “teacher in front of the classroom” model is dated and ineffective. Students follow pace with the average, with little to no room for high-achieving students to excel.

Crushing academics is our first order  – gifted students are able to outpace traditional classrooms, learning 2-6x more in just 2 hours a day. 

Students are Limitless

Standard schools allow gifted students to get by on the bare minimum, developing bad habits and poor work ethic.

Smart kids need to be challenged and pushed to the edge, and we give them the tools and environment to do so.

Beyond STEM

Traditional School’s focus on Science and Math create students that are too streamlined and lack skills that would make them adaptable and well-rounded.

Our curriculum and focus on life skills create students that can not only crush Science and Math, but do so while being effective communicators, understanding teammates, and compassionate leaders.

Not Just Brains

Traditional Schools reward high grades and nothing more – the ability to complete tasks and score on tests is the gauge which students measure themselves by.

Our students are well-socialized, have mastered life skills and have far better outcomes than students who only have high IQs.

100% Money Back Guarantee Our Promise to You

Students starting in Kindergarten

We guarantee our students will finish high school academics with 5s on APs and a 1500+ SAT by 8th Grade.

Students starting
Grade 1-8

We guarantee our students will be top 1% academically and win national academic competitions.

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child’s future,
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