Unlock the potential of your Gifted and Talented Kid.

Gifted & Talented (GT) students are dramatically underserved today. We aim to change that with an online after-school program unabashedly designed for GT Kids.

Why GT School?

Regular school sees every student as a rock. GT School cuts them into diamonds.


Gifted and talented (GT) kids get bored at school because they’re not challenged enough. Left unchecked, this demotivation develops complacent habits that can impede the rest of their lives.


GT School utilizes a winning combination of technology, coaching, and community to deliver motivation by the boatload. We equip students with the mindset and habits they need to achieve their potential.

Traditional classroom learning speed

GT School learning speed

How it Works

Technology-based Mastery

One-size-fits-all classrooms are outdated. We've curated the best adaptive learning apps, and paired them with daily habit-forming to dramatically accelerate the speed of learning – and make it more fun.

1:1 Coaching

Elite athletes are some of the most motivated people in the world. We hire world-class athletes to impart their ethos of hard work and achievement, sparking the self-motivation GT kids need to excel.

GT Community

We're creating a tribe of the brightest kids from around the country, united by shared passions. Through activities, challenges and projects with like-minded peers, kids develop a positive and motivational community.

Applications open soon for gifted and talented students aged 11+. Limited places available.

Meet the Coaches

Our secret motivational sauce is hiring accomplished athletes and coaches, who have lived a life of hard work and high achievement. They understand the “ethos” of sports and how to apply those lessons to attain high achivement in any part of life.

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Two-time Olympian, innovator and entrepreneur, and has lived in three countries.

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Lacrosse champion, academy director and published author.
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Digital marketer, softball champion, masters a new skill every year.

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Strength conditioning coach, college basketball champion and two time cancer survivor.

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MBA holder, world traveler and top-ranked volleyball libero.

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Business owner and the third person to ever get a perfect 10 in gymnastics in the state of Florida.

Your child deserves to achieve their potential.

With programs for gifted and talented students being shut down all across America, GT School is the best way to ensure your child receives the tools, motivation and peer group they need to get ahead.

The 5 Core Steps To Success

Our tried-and-true method creates a winning mindset in every student.

Take the driver's seat

Students should not be passengers in their own education. We rewire kids to take ownership of their academic outcomes, not wait passively for instruction from school or teachers.

Learn to fish

As the old quote teaches: a person who can fish for themselves will never go hungry. Likewise, we create students who love learning on their own, and feel empowered to unblock their own obstacles.

Think like a winner

GT School students learn that failure is an inevitable stop on the pathway to success—it's what happens next that really counts. This tenacious mindset shift is the key to skill mastery.

Aim high

Our students don't stop at dreaming big. They translate 'impossible' dreams into ambitious goals and build strategic plans that make them into reality, one step at a time.

Repeat daily

Any Olympian can tell you the power of daily discipline. Our elite coaches show GT kids that mastery doesn't come from intelligence alone—it comes from deliberate habits repeated long term.

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