Admissions Process

How to get started at is designed for Gifted & Talented students. We accept applications year-round with a simple application form. Please see below for our eligibility requirements and admissions process.

  • # US students, 12 - 16 years old
  • # 100% Online
  • # Gifted & Talented Kids
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Step 1: Apply

Get started with a simple application

Applying to is incredibly simple!

  • Please fill out our application form with some basic information about your child, and then submit our application fee.
  • If you have more than one student that is eligible, please contact us.


Step 2: Submit Application Fee

Submit Application Fee

There is a $250 non-refundable application fee to apply to

  • This covers our entrance examinations (the CCAT and MAP Growth test).
  • This fee is non-refundable since it goes directly to testing costs. Even if your child did not meet our admission requirements, we still firmly believe that both the CCAT and MAP Growth test results will provide incredible value through their insight into your child’s academic level and abilities.


Step 3: Entrance Tests (if required)

See your child's current academic level

We provide 2 assessments: the CCAT, a 15-minute cognitive ability test, and  the MAP Growth test. For students in not currently enrolled in an academic Gifted & Talented program, we use these tests for admission. Students must score in top 10% on either the CCAT or MAP to enter For students currently in an academic GT program, these tests are used for placement in (not admission). These two tests provide a detailed view of your child's strengths and weaknesses, and overall academic level. Many parents use the results to make better data-informed decisions even outside of


Step Four: Launch!

Let the journey begin!

Welcome to! After your child is accepted, students join a 2-week orientation called gt bootcamp. Bootcamp is a fun and exciting time for students to:

  • Meet and get to know their coach
  • Get to know the other students in the program
  • Learn our 5 core life skills through a series of actionable workshops
We also meet with parents to make sure we're aligned to set your child up for success!


Eligibility Requirements

What makes unique is our students -- a group of the brightest, most capable and ambitious students in the country.

There are 2 ways we accept students at

  • We accept students who are currently enrolled in an academic Gifted & Talented program, or
  • We accept students that meet our testing requirements. Students must score in the top 10th percentile on either a 15-minute cognitive test or the MAP Growth test. Testing is provided during the Admissions Process. You can learn more about our entrance tests here.

Currently, our programming serves US students 12-16 years old, but we are expanding to more ages soon! (Stay tuned via our newsletter).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What ages is for?

Currently, is open to Gifted & Talented students 12-16 years old. We will be opening enrollment for more ages in the next year. Be the first to know as we open up spots for more ages with our newsletter.

How does my child get into

Currently, only accepts US students, 12-16 years old. There are two ways to get into

  1. Be enrolled in an academic Gifted & Talented program.
  2. Meet our testing requirements. We require students to score in the top 10th percentile on either the CCAT or MAP tests.

Is there an application fee?

Yes, there is a non-refundable $250 application fee.

Why is limited to Gifted & Talented students?

We launched with a specific focus on GT kids because we believe there is nothing on the market that caters to them and there is a huge unmet need.

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